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Lina Ekstedt will defend her Master thesis about perovskite materials for photovoltaics. The work was performed in collaboration with Helmholtz Center Berlin. [more]


Example of a microfluidic device used for computing with biomolecules; Image courtesy of Biflow Systems GmbH

Idea Competition: 5 000 Euro prize for the best idea for new application areas for biocomputation[more]


STED micrograph showing membrane pores at different closing stages after having been opened by electroporation.

Elke Hebisch and Christelle Prinz from the Solid State Physics have succeeded in injecting a large number of nanodiamonds directly into the cell interior. [more]


Portraits of A. Mikkelsen, M. Messing and A. Löfgren by Kennet Ruona

Since January 1, NanoLund has a new director – Anders Mikkelsen, and a new deputy director – Maria Messing. [more]


Pipette with multiple samples in cleanbench

The ERC Proof of Concept funding is made available only to those who already have an ERC award to establish proof of concept of an idea that was generated in the course of their ERC-funded projects. In the 1-SWITCH-project,...[more]

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