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On Thursday April 29 at 15:00 Ivan Unksov, Department of Solid State Physics, will defend his Licentiate thesis: "Methods for performance characterization of artificial molecular motors". The public defence will take place on...[more]


Lina Ekstedt will defend her Master thesis about perovskite materials for photovoltaics. The work was performed in collaboration with Helmholtz Center Berlin. [more]


Example of a microfluidic device used for computing with biomolecules; Image courtesy of Biflow Systems GmbH

Idea Competition: 5 000 Euro prize for the best idea for new application areas for biocomputation[more]


STED micrograph showing membrane pores at different closing stages after having been opened by electroporation.

Elke Hebisch and Christelle Prinz from the Solid State Physics have succeeded in injecting a large number of nanodiamonds directly into the cell interior. [more]


Portraits of A. Mikkelsen, M. Messing and A. Löfgren by Kennet Ruona

Since January 1, NanoLund has a new director – Anders Mikkelsen, and a new deputy director – Maria Messing. [more]

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