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Postdocs and Researchers

Byeongchan So - Postdoctoral Fellow
PhD: 2019, Korea Polytechnic University
Research: GaN thick layers on Si and GaN substrates for efficient power switching components in electric hybrid vehicles
Office: B217
E-mail: [at];
Byeongchan So at LU research portal

Florinda Viñas Boström - Postdoctoral Fellow
PhD: 2020, Lund University
Research: Core-shell nanowires as a platform for topological superconductivity
Office: B218B
E-mail: florinda.vinas_bostrom [at];
Florinda Viñas Boström at LU research portal

Jae Yen Shin - Researcher
PhD: xxx
Research: xxx
Office: B218A ; Phone: +46 (0)46 xxx xxx
E-mail: jae.shin [at];
Jae Yen Shin at LU research portal

Jason Beech - Researcher
PhD: 2012, Lund University
Research: Micro/nanofluidics for bio-applications. E.g. rare cell extraction, DNA analysis
Office: B212; Phone: +46 (0)46 222 7676, +46 (0)761 748 837
E-mail: jason.beech [at];
Jason Beech at LU research portal

Javier Escobar Alcón - Postdoctoral Fellow
PhD: 2023, Institute of Micro and Nanotechnology (IMN-CMN, CSIC), Madrid
Research: Heterostructure nanowires for hot-carrier photovoltaic energy conversion​​​​​​​
Office: B216
E-mail: javier.escobar_alcon [at];
Javier Escobar Alcon at LU research portal

Jovana Colvin - Postdoctoral Fellow
PhD: 202X, University XXX
Research: ECSEL YesVGaN project with MOCVD growth and transport characterization of GaN for vertical power devices.
Office: B216
E-mail: jovana.colvin [at];
Jovana Colvin at LU research portal

Ken Goto - Researcher
PhD: 2009, University of Tsukuba, Japan
Research: Epitaxial growth of Ga2O3 and other ultra-wide bandgap-semiconductor materials
Office: B203
E-mail: ken.goto [at];
Ken Goto at LU research portal

Konstantin Nestmann - Postdoctoral Fellow
PhD: 2022, RWTH Aachen University, Germany
Research: xxx
Office: B104
E-mail: konstantin.nestmann [at];
Konstantin Nestmann at LU research portal

Nils Gustafsson - Postdoctoral Fellow
PhD: 2017, Universiy College London, UK
Research: Single-molecule characterization of artificial protein motors
Office: B104
E-mail: nils.gustafsson [at];
Nils Gustafsson at LU research portal

Pierre Glidic - Postdoctoral Fellow
PhD: xxx, Université de Paris
Research: xxx
Office: B217; Phone: +46 (0)46 xxx xxx
E-mail: pierre.glidic [at];
Pierre Glidic at LU research portal

Sania Bäckström - Researcher
PhD from DTU, Denmark.
Research: Cancer biomarker detection
Office: B218A; Phone: +46 (0)46 xxx, +46 xxxx
E-mail: sania.backstrom [at]
Sania Bäckström at LU research portal

Sebastian Lehmann - Researcher
PhD: 2007, Freie Universität Berlin
Research: Materials science and engineering of one-dimensional semiconductor nanostructures
Office: B106; Phone: +46 (0)46 22 27877
E-mail: sebastian.lehmann [at];
Sebastian Lehmann at LU research portal

Subhomoy Haldar - Postdoctoral fellow
PhD: 2020, Homi Bhabha National Institute, India
Research: Microwave photodetectors
Office: B208, Phone: +46 (0)46 222 7903
E-mail: subhomoy.haldar [at];
Subhomoy Haldar at LU research portal

Thomas Krinke - Postdoctoral Fellow
PhD: 2001, Duisburg University, Germany
Research: Gas phase synthesis of size selected nanoparticles for application in catalysis and energy storage.
Office: B218A Phone: -
E-mail: thomas.krinke [at]
Thomas Krinke at LU research portal