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Jonas Johansson


Office: B105; Phone: +46 (0)46 222 1472
E-mail: jonas.johansson [at]

Jonas Johansson's research concerns the modelling of nanostructure growth. Specifically, he uses mass transport and classical nucleation modelling methodologies to understand the growth mechanisms of metal-particle-seeded III-V semiconductor nanowires. Jonas is also interested in the thermodynamics of small systems, both in-equilibrium, where microcanonic thermodynamics approaches are used, and out-of-equilibrium, where stochastic thermodynamics applies. Specific research topics include:

  • polytypism in nanowires.
  • composition control in nanowire heterostructures.
  • stochastic thermodynamics for molecular motor efficiency.

Jonas teaches the elective, master-level course Crystal Growth and Semiconductor Epitaxy. He is also involved in undergraduate-level teaching.

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