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Past PhD theses

Chronological after date of dissertation defence

NameYearThesis title
Martin Josefsson2020Quantum-Dot Heat Engines
Florinda Viñas Boström2020Theory of Electronic Structure and Transport in Heterostructure Nanowires
Marcus Tornberg2020Dynamics of a Droplet That Assists III-V Nanowire Growth
Mohammad Karimi2020Infrared Photodetectors based on Nanowire Arrays with Embedded Quantum Heterostructures
Reza Jafari Jam2020Advanced patterning and processing for III-V nanowire device fabrication
Si Hoai Trung Tran2019Deterministic Lateral Displacement for Cell Separation
Frida Lindberg2019Technology for biocomputational devices based on molecular motors
Bekmurat Dalelkhan2019Charge Transport in  III-V narrow-bandgap semiconductor nanowires
David Göransson2019Strain and Charge Transport in InAsP-InP and InP-InAs Core-Shell Nanowires
Maryam Khalilian2019Growth engineering toward dislocation-free and atomically flat III-Nitride materials for the next generation of optoelectronic devices
Bao Dang Ho2018Cell Sorting in Pillar Arrays based on Electrokinetics and Morphology
Damiano Verardo2018Lightguiding of Fluorescence in Nanowires
Robert Hallberg2018Aerosol Metal Nanoparticles and their Role in Particle Assisted Growth of III–V Nanowires
Laura Abariute2018Engineered Nanomaterials in In Vivo and In Vitro Models
Ali Nowzari2018Junction Engineering if Nanostructured Optoelectronic Devices
Artis Svilans2018Thermoelectric Experiments on Nanowire-based Quantum Dots
Chunlin Yu2018Quantum Transport in Superconductor - Semiconductor Nanowire Hybrid Devices
Vilgaile Dagyte2018Growth and Optical Properties of III-V Semiconductor Nanowires - Studies Relevant for Solar Cells
I-Ju Chen2018 Thermally and Optically Excited Electron Transport in Semiconductor Nanowires
Rong Sun2018Understanding the Role of Seed Particle Material on III-As Nanowire Growth
Xulu Zeng2018InP/GaInP Nanowires for Tandem Junction Solar Cells: Growth, processing and characterization
Malin Nilsson2018Charge and Spin Transport in Parallel-Coupled Quantum Dots in Nanowires
Regina Schmitt2018Feedback in Small Systems – A Stochastic Thermodynamic Perspective
Yang Chen2018III-V Nanowire Array Solar Cells: Optical and Electrical Modelling
Olof Hultin2018Nanostructures for Optoelectronics - Device Fabrication and Characterization"
Luna Namazi2018From understanding to realizing novel III-Sb materials via nanowires
Stefan Holm2018Microfluidic Cell and Particle Sorting using Deterministic Lateral Displacement
Gaute Otnes2018III-V Nanowire Solar Cells: Growth and Characterization
Zhen Li2018Mechanosensing Using GaInP Nanowires
Neimantas Vainorius2017Optical Studies of Polytypism in GaAs Nanowires
Mahtab Aghaeipour Kolyani2017 Tailoring the Optical Response of III-V Nanowire Arrays
Linus Ludvigsson2017Physical Characterization of Engineered aerosol Particles
Karl Adolfsson2017GaP and GaInP Nanowires as Model Particles for in Vivo Fiber Toxicity Studies
Vishal Jain2016III-V Nanowire-based Infrared Photodetectors: Design, Fabrication and Characterization
Alexander Berg2016Nanowire Growth and Characterization in the AlGaInP Material System
Masoomeh Ghasemi2016Thermodynamic Modeling of Materials Systems for Nanowires: CALPHAD, DFT and Experiments
Kilian Mergenthaler2016Photon Upconversion in Heavily Doped Semiconductors
Magnus Heurlin2015Growth of Semiconductor Nanowires for Solar Cell Applications
Gustav Nylund2015Studies of Nanowire Devices Enabled by Advanced Nanofabrication
Daniel Jacobsson2015Crystal Structures in GaAs Nanowires - Growth and Characterization
Cassandra Niman2014Nano- and Microstructures for Studies of Model Biological Systems
David Lindgren2014Optical Characterization of Semiconductor Nanowires
Sofia Fahlvik Svensson2014Thermoelecric Phenomena in Quantum Dots
Henrik Persson2014Nanowires in Cell Biology - Exploring Interactions and Applications
Mercy Lard2014Nanofabricated Devices Based on Molecular Motors - Biosensing, Computation and Detection.
Bahram Ganjipour2014Quantum Transport in Heteostructure Nanowire Devices
Sepideh Gorji Ghalamestani2014Realization of Complex III-V Nanoscale Heterostructures
Waldomiro Paschoal2014Magnetotransport Studies of Mn Ion-Implanted Nanowires
Mingtang Deng2013Charge Transport in Semiconductor Nanowire Quantum Devices: From Single Quantum Dots to Topological Superconductors
Nicklas Anttu2013Nanophotonics in Absorbing III-V Nanowire Arrays
Kristian Storm2013Novel Processing and Electrical Characterization of Nanowires
Karla Hillerich2013Influence of Seed Particle Material, Preparation, and Dynamics on Nanowire Growth
Jesper Wallenin2013Doping of Semiconductor Nanowires
Mikael Egard2012Electron Tunneling and Field-Effect Devices in mm-Wave Circuits
Mattias Borg2012Antimonide Heterostructure Nanowires - Growth, Physics and Devices
Jason Beech2011Microfluidics Separation and Analysis of Biological Particles
Marcus Larsson2011Electron Transport in Quantum Dots Defined in Low-Dimensional Semiconductor Structures
Maria Messing2011Engineered Nanoparticles Generation, Characterization and Applications
Lukasz Michalaks2011Single-Electron Tuneling Spectroscopy in Magnetic Nanoparticles and Molecular Magnets
Jessica Bolinsson2010The Crystal Structure of III-V Semiconductor Nanowires: Growth and Characterization
Gvidas Astromkas2010Electrical Characterization of Integrated InAs Nano-Structures
Monica Lexholm2010Optical Imaging for Nanowire Mechanics
Henrik Nilsson2010Electron Transport in Nanowire Quantum Devices
Gabriela Conache2010Studies of Nanowire Friction using AFM-based Manipulation
Lars-Henrik Skjölding2010Electrochemical and mechanical thin film sensors
Waldemar Hällström2010Nanowires for Cell Research
Gang Luo2009Nanoimprint Lithography Based Nanoelectromechanical Device Fabrication
Jie Sun2009Semiconductor Nanoelectronic Devices Based on Ballistic and Quantum Effects
Daniel Wallin2008Nanoelectronic Devices Based on Low-Dimensional Semiconductor Structures
Linus Fröberg2008Growth, Physics, and Device Applications of InAs-based Nanowires
Tomas Mårtensson2008Semiconductor Nanowires: Epitaxy and Applications
Niklas Sköld2008Nanowire Heterostructures - Growth, Characterization and Optical Physics
Ruisheng Liu2008Spin Transport Studies of Nanoscaled Ferromagnetic Tunneling Devices
Johanna Trägård2008Optical Spectroscopy of Single Nanowires
Patrik Brusheim2008Theoretical Studies of Spin-Dependent Quantum Phenomena in Semiconductor Nanostructures
Carina Fasth2007Transport Studies of Local-Gate Defined Quantum Dots in Nanowires
Brent Wacaser2007Nanoscale Crystal Growth: The Importance of Interfaces and Phase Boundaries
Kimberly Dick2007Epitaxial Growth and Design of Nanowires and Complex Nanostructures
Patrick Carlberg2007Development of Nanoimprint Lithography for Applications in Electronics, Photonics and Life-Sciences
Vilma Zela2006UHV-CVD growth of Ge/Si nanostructures
Ann Persson2005Epitaxial growth of semiconductor nanowires
Thomas Bryllert2005Vertical III-V Semiconductor Devices
Sara G Nilsson2005Nanomechanical Studies and Applications of Cantilever Sensors
Rickard Bunk2005Creation of a Nanometer-Scale Toolbox for Molecular Motor Transport-Circuits
Martin Persson2004Theoretical Study of electronic structure and optical properties of semiconductor nanostructures
Erik Lind2004Tunneling Based Electronic Devices
Nicolay Panev2004Photoluminescence Studies of Single Quantum Dots
Mikael Björk2004Electron Transport in Semiconductor Nanowires
Martin Karlsson2004Methods to Generate Size- and Composition Controlled Aerosol Nanoparticles
Jonas Persson2004Optical Studies of Single Quantum Dots
Magnus Borgström2003Epitaxial Growth, Processing and Characterization of Semiconductor Nanostructures
Claes Thelander2003Quantum Devices from the Assembly of Zero- and One-Dimensional Building Blocks
Marc Beck2003Development of Nanoimprint Lithography for Fabrication of Electrochemical Transducers
Ivan Shorubalko2003Quantum and Ballistic Nanodevices
Ulf Håkansson2003Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Induced Luminescence Studies of Semiconductor Nanostructures
Dan Csontos2002Modelling of Quantum Transport in Nanostructures
Anneli Löfgren2002Linear and Nonlinear Transport in Quantum Nanostructures
Martin Magnusson2001Metal and Semiconductor Nanocrystals for Quantum Devices
Jonas Ohlsson2001Semiconductor Hetero- and Nanostructures
Valery Zwiller2001Optical Studies and Applications of Single Quantum Dots
Boel Gustafsson2001Resonant Tunneling in Laterally Confined Quantum Structures
Jonas Johansson2000Densities and Sizes of Self-Assembled Quantum Dots Grown by MOVPE
Lars Landin2000Optical Studies of InAs Quantum Dots in III-V Semiconductors
Sven-Bertil Carlsson1999Electrical Studies of Quantum Devices
Tobias Junno1999Manipulation of Nanoparticles for Quantum and Single-Electron Devices
Wang Qin1999Electron Scattering Mechanisms in Low-Dimensional Transport Physics
Anders Pettersson1999Cathodoluminescence Studies of Quantum Structures and III-V nitrides
Joakim Lindahl1998Design and Construction of Low-Temperature Scanning Tunneling Microscope for Spectroscopy
Lars-Erik Wernersson1998Three-Dimensional Metal-Semiconductor Heterostructures for Device Applications
Niclas Carlsson1998MOVPE Growth and Characterization of Low-Dimensional III-V Semiconductor Structures
Per Tidlund1998Electronic Structure of Transition Metal Complexes in Silicon
Bernhard Kowalski1998Zeeman Interaction in Low-Dimensional III-V Semiconductor Structures
Ivan Maximov1997Fabrication of Low-Dimensional Structures in III-V Semiconductors
Heiner Linke1997Quantum electronic transport in low-dimensional semiconductors
Jonas Tegenfeldt1997Nanofabrication and Characterization for Applications in Biochemistry and Molecular Electronics
Peter Ramvall1996Electron Transport in Low Dimensional Systems
Dan Hessman1996Spectroscopic studies of III-V semiconductors in two, one and zero dimensions
Bert Junno1996RHEED and RD studies of III-V semiconductors
Yingbo Jia1996DX Centers in AlGaAs
Jesper Engvall1995Optical and Electrical Properties of SiGe Heterostructures
Anna-Lena Thilderkvist1994Electronic Structure of Deep Levels in Silicon
Håkan Pettersson1993Studies on Deep Electronic Levels in Silicon and Aluminum Gallium Arsenide Alloys
Lars Tilly1993Defects in Semiconductors: An Optical and Electronical Study of Silicon, Si1-xGex and In0.53Ga0.47As
Jan Jönsson1993Reflectance-difference Studies of Epitaxial Growth
Gert Paulsson1992In-situ and Ex-situ Optical Reflectance Studies of III-V Semiconductors
Maria Gjerling1992Spectroscopic Studies of III-V Semiconductors: Effects of Built-in and Applied Strain
Liu Xiao1991Spectroscopic Studies of III-V Semiconductors
Per-Ove Hansson1991Heteroepitaxy and Characterization of GExSi1-x on Si
Anders Gustafsson1991Cathodoluminescence studies of III-V semiconductor structures
Per Emanuelsson1991Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Studies on Defects in Silicon
Janos Olajos1989Spectroscopic Studies on Transitionmetal Defects in Silicon
Jan-Olov Fornell1988Deep-level Characterization of Silicon and II-VI Compounds
Per Silverberg1988Characterization of EL2 in Gallium Arsenide
Stefan Nilsson1988Studies of Defects in Gallium Arsenide and its Alloys
Lars Montelius1987Electrical and Optical Characterization of Deep Levels in Germanium, Silicon and Gallium Arsenide
Karl Bergman1987Optical studies on Electron States of Defects in Silicon
Kaj Larsson1986Electro-optical studies of Some Deep Donors in Silicon and Germanium
Andrej Litvin1985Chalcogen dopants in silicon electronic devices
Mats Kleverman1985Studies on electronical properties of defects in silicon and gallium arsenide
Mats-Erik Pistol1985Photoluminescence due to localized charge carriers in some compound semiconductors
Pär Omling1983Epitaxial growth and deep level characterization of GaAs₁₋xPx
Erik Meijer1982Characterization of some technically important defects in semiconductors
Nils Kullendorf1982Copper centers in semiconductors for optoelectronics
HP Gislason1981Photoluminescence studies of deep level impurities in gallium phosphide and gallium nitride
Erik Janzén1981The electronic structure of sulfur, selenium and tellurium donors in silicon
Gunnar Björklund1980Optimization of microelectronic devices
Bengt Skarstam1980Some chalcogenides as dopants in silicon
Olle Lagerstedt1979Preparation and properties of gallium nitride epitaxial layers
Christer Ovrén1978Impurities in some wide-gap semiconductors
Lars Samuelson1977Optical properties of the deep impurity oxygen in gallium phosphide
Per-Olof Fagerström1977Studies of recombination centers in semiconductors
Olof Engström1975Emission and capture processes in gold and sulfur doped silicon
Lars-Åke Ledebo1975Some new aspects of deep level impurities in semiconductors
Erland Ejder1974Studies of gallium nitride, a large band-gap semiconductor
Göran Olofsson1973Optical storage effects in GaP
Stellan Braun1973Optical and electrical properties of deep level impurity centres
Håkan Håkansson1972Some opto-electronic components and examples of their applications
Rune Olsson1971Undersökningar av ljusabsorption orsakad av dopämnen i galliumfosfid
Bo Monemar1969On optical properties and luminescence of some large bandgap III-V compounds