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Key dates and events

  • 1965     The Division of Solid State Physics is founded with Hermann Grimmeiss appointed as Professor of Solid State Physics.

  • 1977     The ’Lund’ International Conference on Deep Level Impurities in Semiconductors is born, and organized by Hermann Grimmeiss.

  • 1984     Berzelius laboratory is inaugurated.

  • 1986     The 18th International Conference on the Physics of Semiconductors – ICPS – is organized by the division in Stockholm.

  • 1988     A second professorship, in Semiconductor Electronics, is created at the division, with Lars Samuelson as the appointee.

  • 1990     The Nanometer Structure Consortium (nmC) is founded by Lars Samuelson based on grants from NUTEK and NFR.

  • 1993     The Division organizes the 5th European Workshop on MOVPE and Related Growth Techniques - EWMOVPE-5 in Malmö.

  • 1996     Hermann Grimmeiss retires. Pär Omling is appointed Professor of Solid State Physics.

  • 2001     Pär Omling is appointed General Director of the Swedish Research Council (VR).

  • 2002     The division organizes the 7th International Conference on Nanometer-Scale Science and Technology – NANO-7 – in Malmö.

  • 2003     The Engineering Nanoscience program is launched.

  • 2007     Lund Nano Lab is inaugurated.

  • 2009     The Nanometer Structure Consortium is selected as a Strategic Research Area Environment with direct support from the Swedish Government.

  • 2009     Heiner Linke is recruited to the division as Professor in Nanophysics.

  • 2015     The Nanometer Structure Consortium becomes NanoLund, the Center for Nanoscience at Lund University

  • 2015     The division celebrates its 50th anniversary.  
  • 2016     Lund Nano Lab becomes a member of Myfab, the national infrastructure for micro and nanofabrication.

  • 2018     A record year for PhD graduations at Solid State Physics, with 18 doctoral students defending their theses.

  • 2019     The division organizes the 21st International Vacuum Congress – IVC-21 – in Malmö.