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Undergraduate students

Andri Dhora
Project titel: xxx
Supervisor: Vanya Darakchieva
Office: C263A
E-mail: andri.dhora.6124 [at]

Chris Mkolongo
Project titel: Developing an Ar milling process to improve the contact quality to InAs nanowires
Supervisor: Markus Aspegren, Claes Thelander
Office: C263A
E-mail: chris.mkolongo.1415 [at]

Emmelina Frick
Project titel: Thermodynamic modelling of thermo-pressed cellulose.
Supervisor: Jonas Johansson
Office: C263A
E-mail: emmelina.frick.3121 [at]

Lauri Oravainen
Project titel: Core/shell nanoparticles by photolysis of a metalorganic precursor.
Supervisor: Knut Deppert, Markus Snellman
Office: C263A
E-mail: lauri.oravainen.245 [at]

Mohammad Al Abrash
Project titel: Damage in Dry Etching: A Comparative Study of Atomic Layer and Reactive Ion Etching
Supervisor: Ivan Maximov, Sabbir A. Khan (Danish National Metrology Institute (DFM)
Office: C263A
E-mail: mohammad.al_abrash.0224 [at]

Thea Kristersdotter
Project titel: Investigation of sponge phase nanoparticles for drug delivery purposes
Supervisor: Christelle Prinz
Office: C263A
E-mail: thea.kristersdotter.5688 [at]

William Samuelson
Project titel: Dynamics at an exceptional point in an interacting quantum dot
Supervisor: Martin Leijnse, Stephanie Matern
Office: C263A
E-mail: william.samuelson.4425 [at]

Zeus Chavez
Project titel: Genes and Wires
Supervisor: Heiner Linke, Marie Bermeo Vargas, Julia Valderas Gutiérres
Office: C263A
E-mail: zeus.chavez.5170 [at]