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Postdoctoral opportunities

For post-docs, the Division of Solid State Physics offers an open and cooperative research environment with excellent facilities and frontline research.

Positions in existing projects are advertised on the university vacant-positions website:
Search for post-doc positions at Solid State Physics among Lund University vacancies

New projects based on ideas from outstanding young researchers who wish to do postdoctoral work at the division: our researchers are happy to support applications for post-doctoral fellowships to funding organizations. In that case, please check our website to find out about our activities and specifically the profiles of the faculty members. Then send a short one-page description of the project idea and a CV to the faculty in question. Please note that such applications take considerable time, so that a lead-time of at least a year is recommended. You will find pages of some funding organizations among the useful links in the right panel
List of faculty researchers
MSCA Individual Fellowships