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Elisabeth Nilsson

Associate Professor (Lektor) (on leave of absence)

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E-mail: elisabeth.nilsson [at]

Elisabeth has a research background in atomic physics with emphasis on atomic spectroscopy related to astrophysical applications (PhD 1990, Lund University). Currently she is mainly involved in teaching introductory-level physics for the undergraduate engineering programs at the Faculty of Engineering at Lund University.

Elisabeth is Director of studies at the Department of Physics, LTH, since 2013, and was Director of  the Engineering Nanoscience educational program 2007-2013. She is active at the National Center for Education in Physics and appointed by the Swedish National Agency for Education and the Swedish Schools Inspectorate to drive the strategic work with young people to improve their attitudes toward science education. 

Elisabeth has been an Associate Professor at Lund University since 1999 and joined the Division of Solid State Physics in 2006. Prior to this she was Managing Editor at Gleerups Förlag in Malmö (1994-1999) and teaching upper-secondary-level physics and mathematics to adult students in Lund (1983-1993).