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Claes Thelander

Associate Professor (Docent, Lektor)

Office: Q211; Phone: +46 (0)46 222 7740
E-mail: claes.thelander [at]

The research of Claes Thelander is primarily focused on transport in semiconductor nanowires of different materials, such as InAs, InSb, GaSb, InP and their alloys. Currently, his main research is the development of high-performance tunnel diodes and transistors based on InAs-GaSb nanowire heterojunctions. He is also involved in a project to develop wrap-gate field-effect transistors, primarily based on InAs nanowires.

Claes teaches introductory-level courses for the undergraduate programs in Engineering Physics and Engineering Nanoscience.

From 2006, until the end of 2008, Claes worked at Qumat Technologies AB with the development of vertical field-effect transistors. At that time he was also Assistant Project Manager for NODE, a large European research program for nanowire-based electronics that was completed in 2009.

See Claes's personal NanoLund web page for more details and publication list