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Adam Burke

Docent, Lektor (Associate Professor)

Office: C364b; Phone: +46 (0)46 222 7930
E-mail: adam.burke [at]

Adam Burke’s research group focusses on the development and electrical transport characterization of nanostructure devices, with particular emphasis on low temperature measurements in the presence of external magnetic fields. Specific research interests include:

• Advanced nanofabrication techniques.

• Double quantum dot nanowire devices with integrated charge detection.

• Spin transport physics in III-V nanowire devices.

Adam currently organizes NanoLund’s Device meeting, which meets most Friday mornings, and is heavily involved in the management, maintenance and optimization of NanoLund’s low temperature transport laboratories. He came to Lund in 2014 from the University of New South Wales, Sydney where he was a senior research associate. Prior to his time in Australia, Adam did his doctoral studies in Electrical Engineering at Arizona State University using scanning gate microscopy to map einselected pointer states in open quantum dots.

See Adam’s personal NanoLund web page for more details, CV, and publications