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The NanoLund spin-off company Glo AB acquired by Nanosys


Magnified picture of a prototype of a micro-LED full-color display.

A magnified picture of a prototype of a micro-LED full-color display made by indium-gallium-nitride (InGaN) using 20x20 µm2 subpixels on an LTPS backplane. Courtesy of Glo AB.

Leading California-based company within quantum dot light-emitting materials and technology, Nanosys, has acquired the NanoLund spin-off company Glo AB – thus forming one of the world’s leading companies in the field of displays.

Glo was founded in 2003 based on research and key know-how within the field of III-Nitride nanophysics developed by Lars Samuelson, professor at the Solid State Physics division and his colleagues within the Nanometer  Structure Consortium, nmC (nowadays NanoLund). Out of its R&D and product development pilot line in Sunnyvale, California, Glo has developed highly efficient GaN  micro-LEDs based on unique methods and processes, including proprietary defect-free gallium nitride (GaN) nanowire technology.

Fundamental understanding of energy structure and nano-photonics

The basic materials science has been developed by the nmC-researchers at Lund University in Lars Samuelson’s research team, ranging from expertise in epitaxy for growing nanowires to advanced characterization, nano-scale processing, and fundamental understanding of energy structure and nano-photonics in these devices.

“Simultaneously, Nanometer Structure Consortium and later NanoLund have been given credibility in terms of technical relevance from the rising stardom of Glo and, obviously, Glo as an investor-funded company has benefited from the strong links to our very strong research environment – this is called a symbiotic relationship between academia and companies,” says the founder, chief-scientist, member of the board and deputy-CEO of the Swedish mother company Glo AB, professor Lars Samuelson.

Opening the doors for new applications

Since several years, Nanosys has had a leading position in the implementation of quantum dots in QD-TV-screens while Glo has developed into one of the leading companies in the field of micro LEDs for displays. This combination of competencies collected in one company has the potential to become highly competitive within the mainstream TV market and open the doors for new applications in augmented reality (AR), automotive, and beyond, reckons the CEO of Nanosys Jason Hartlove.