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New NanoLund leadership: Maria Messing, Associate Professor at Solid State Physics is the new Deputy Director of NanoLund


Portraits of A. Mikkelsen, M. Messing and A. Löfgren by Kennet Ruona

Anders Mikkelsen, Maria Messing and Anneli Löfgren are the leadership troika for NanoLund from January 2021. Photo: Kennet Ruona

Since January 1, NanoLund has a new director – Anders Mikkelsen, and a new deputy director – Maria Messing.

“Organizing the work in NanoLund will be an interesting challenge, but we take it on with great enthusiasm and look forward to engaging with the entire staff,” says Anders Mikkelsen.

“It is now time to look forward into 2021, but first we would like to extend our warm thanks to Heiner Linke for his successful efforts in making NanoLund a great place to do Nanoscience during the last eight years.”

Heiner Linke is appointed to be the new deputy dean of LTH (Faculty of Engineering), where he takes responsibility for research and for Science Village.

The work to get a new leadership in place for NanoLund started last summer. The resigning dean of LTH, Viktor Öwall, appointed Anders Mikkelsen as director and Maria Messing as deputy director after consultation with the deans of Science and Medicine. The group of scientists and students, led by Kimberly Dick Thelander, carried out extensive consultation with NanoLund members and students, to nominate the new leadership team.

“I am really looking forward to my new assignment and am extremely honored that I was given the confidence to take on this role,” says Maria Messing.

In further good news, Mirja Carlsson Möller has been hired as administrative coordinator for NanoLund, helping the center’s communication both internally and externally and getting the organization running as smooth as possible.

Anneli Löfgren will continue in her role as co-director and in coordinating the construction of the new NanoLab Science Village. The management and coordinator groups will continue their work as well.

Adam Burke, Associate Professor at Solid State Physics, is the new Coordinator for the outreach activities. 

Evelina Lindén