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Licentiate: Maximilian Nitsch


Maximilian Nitsch

has composed, for the Degree of Licentiate, an academic thesis entitled:

"Non-abelian states and how to find them"

The thesis is available at the Division of Solid State Physics.

The licentiate seminar takes place Tuesday, the 5th of December 2023, at 09:15

The seminar will take place in room Q179 ("k-space"), Dept. of Physics, Professorsgatan 1, Lund

Research subject: Physics (TEFAFF00)
Number of credits: 90 hp

Opponent: Assoc. Prof. Eddy Ardonne, Department of Physics, Stockholm University

Examiner: Assoc. Prof. Adam Burke, Div. of Solid State Physics, Dept. of Physics, Lund University