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Licentiate - Enrico Turato


Enrico Turato has composed, for the Degree of Licentiate, an academic thesis entitled:

Viscoelastic Waves: Elastic Turbulence and Mixing via DNA-based Viscoelastic Fluctuations

The thesis is available at the Division of Solid State Physics

The licentiate seminar takes place Tuesday the 11th of June 2024, at 10:15,
in room Q179 ("k-space"), Dept. of Physics, Professorsgatan 1, Lund

Research education subject: Physics (TEFAFF00)
Number of credits: 90 hp

Opponent: Assistant Professor Ralf Eichhorn, Nordic Institute for Theoretical Physics (NORDITA), Stockholms Universitet, KTH, Sweden

Examiner: Prof. Mats-Erik Pistol, Div. of Solid State Physics, Dept. of Physics, Lund University