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Alternative uses for computing devices using nanoscale biomolecules


Example of a microfluidic device used for computing with biomolecules; Image courtesy of Biflow Systems GmbH

Idea Competition: 5 000 Euro prize for the best idea for new application areas for biocomputation

The Horizon 2020 project Bio4Comp, coordinated by Heiner Linke, Professor at Solid State Physics,  announces an award for ideas to find applications for network-based computers using bio-molecular agents. The challenge is to find applications in the field of diagnostics or lab- on-a-chip devices utilised by molecular motor propelled filaments, alternatively to find application scenarios which are enabled by network-based biocomputation and contribute to biotechnological challenges.
In network-based biocomputation each biomolecule acts as a tiny computer with processor and memory. Critical advantages of network-based biocomputation are that it uses orders of magnitude less energy per operation than conventional computers and that it is scalable with presently available technology. (See also Nicolau et al., PNAS, 113(10), pp. 2591-2596, 2016) and van Delft et al., Interface Focus 8: 20180034, 2018).
Beside the realization of high-performance biocomputers, the integration of biotechnology and combinatorial logic could be upgraded to customized lab-on-a-chip devices or open up new application fields for biological data storage or combinatorial biotechnology. This cross-disciplinary approach between biology, nanotechnology and computer science could enable groundbreaking innovations in the bio economy.
Here, we invite proposals that describe possible applications of molecular motor driven, network-based devices in diagnostics or other application scenarios within biotechnology.
Everyone can participate, except for employees of the Bio4Comp partner organizations. Descriptions of the ideas should be submitted by e-mail to before 17 July 2021. The best idea will be rewarded with 5 000 Euro.

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