Solid State Physics

Lund University

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Undergraduate students

Alice Herdenberg
Project titel: Theoretical investigation of thermoelectric transport through a double quantum dot thermocouple, with a particular focus on the effects of electron-electron interactions
Supervisors: Martin Leijnse and Martin Josefsson
Office: B120
E-mail: alice.herdenberg.509 [at);

Chunjan Wang
Project titel:Design of solvent-vapor annealing tool and study of self-assembly kinetics of block-copolymers for nano-lithography
Supervisor: Ivan Maximov
Office: B120
E-mail: ch0352wa-s [a]

David Dai
Project titel: Coulomb drag in nanowire-based thermocouples
Supervisor: Martin Leijnse /Martin Josefsson
Office: B120
E-mail: david.dai.444 [a]

Markus Aspegren
Project titel: Probing of superconductivity phenomena in InAs quantum dots with Al contact(s)
Supervisor: Claes Thelander
Office: B120
E-mail: markus.aspegren.764 [a]

Mikaela Petersson
Project titel: Determination of interfacial energies of Au nanoparticles on Si wafers after annealing
Supervisor: Knut Deppert
Office: B120
E-mail: tna15mpe [a]

Patrik Olausson
Project titel: Fabrication and characterization of RGB LEDs based on nanowire technology
Supervisor: Olof Hultin
Office: B120
E-mail: patrik.olausson.698 [a]

Simon Wozny
Project titel: Theory of edge states in topological insulators with magnetic impurities
Supervisor: Martin Leijnse
Office: B120
E-mail: si8881wo-s [a]