Solid State Physics

Lund University

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Undergraduate students

Calle Stenberg
Project titel: Tight-binding modeling of nanowire double quantum dots and quantum rings
Supervisor: Martin Leijnse, Athanasios Tsintzis
Office: C263A
E-mail: calle.janlen_stenberg.603 [at]

Eric Ceccarelli
Project titel: Aerotaxy-grown GaAs nanowires using Ga seed particles
Supervisor: Martin Magnusson, Sudhakar Sivakumar
Office: C263A
E-mail: eric.ceccarelli.8005 [at]

In-Pyo Yeo
Project titel: Investigations of p-type quantum dots in Gallium Antimonide nanowires
Supervisor: Adam Burke, Sven Dorsch
Office: C263A
E-mail: in5181ye-s [at]

Jakob Westerberg
Project titel: Theory of time-dependent transport and levitons in nanowires
Supervisor: Martin Leijnse, Rubén Seoane Souto
Office: C263A
E-mail: tna15jw1 [at]

Linnéa Jönsson
Project titel: The effect of electrode composition on the composition of multi-compound nanoparticles produced by spark ablation
Supervisor: Maria Messing, Markus Snellman
Office: C263A
E-mail: linnea.jonsson.3317 [at]

Wouter Duverger
Project titel: STED Microscopy
Supervisor: Jonas Tegenfeldt, Jason Beech 
Office: C263A
E-mail: wouter.duverger.6413 [at]