Solid State Physics

Lund University

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Undergraduate students

David Dai
Project titel: Coulomb drag in nanowire-based thermocouples
Supervisor: Martin Leijnse /Martin Josefsson
Room#: B120
E-mail: david.dai.444 [a]

Emil Johansson
Project titel: An artificial neural network approach to the N-Representability problem
Supervisor: Mats-Erik Pistol
Room #: B120
E-mail: emil.johansson.073 [a]

Timm Mörstedt
Project title: characterizing various contact recipes, and gating approaches
Supervisor: Adam Burke
Room #: B120
E-mail: timm.moerstedt [a]

Vendula Maulerova
Project title: transport studies on quantum dots with variable shape
Supervisor: Malin Nilsson / Cales Thelander
Room #: B120
E-mail: vendula.maulerova.554 [a]

Odd Restad
Project title: Effects of tunnel junction characteristics on the operation of nanowire n-pin-junctions
Supervisor: Magnus Borgström / Pyry Kivisaari
Room #: B118
E-mail: odd.redstad [a]

Felix Vennberg
Project titel: Spatial control of electron and hole states in broken band gap nanowire heterostructures
Supervisor: Claes Thelander
Room #: B120
E-mail: felix.vennberg.915 [a]

Lukas Wendt
Project titel: Micro platelet LEDs for optogenetics
Supervisor: Olof Hultin
Room #: B120
E-mail: lukas.wendt.181 [a]