Solid State Physics

Lund University

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Undergraduate students

Chujun Wang
Project titel: Design of solvent-vapor annealing tool and study of self-assembly kinetics of block-copolymers for nano-lithography
Supervisor: Ivan Maximov
Office: C263A
E-mail: ch0352wa-s [at]

Claudia Gösenbauer
Project titel: Investigation of the fate of nanodiamonds in cells using STED and flow cytometry
Supervisors: Christelle Prinz and Elke Hebisch
Office: C263A
E-mail:claudia.goesenbauer [at]

Frida Ekstrand
Project titel: Nano-Biopsy of Cells Using Nanostraws
Supervisors: Christelle Prinz and Diogo Volpati
Office: C263A
E-mail: nat14fek [at]

Lina Ekstedt
Project titel: Characterization of perovskite and nanowire subcells for four terminal architecture solar cells
Supervisors: Magnus Borgström
Office: C263A
E-mail: lina.ekstedt.580 [at);

Markus Aspegren
Project titel: Probing of superconductivity phenomena in InAs quantum dots with Al contact(s)
Supervisor: Claes Thelander
Office: C263A
E-mail: markus.aspegren.764 [at]

Nils Lamers
Project titel: Electric and optical characterisation of novel perovskites intended for use in tandem solar devices
Supervisor: Magnus Borgström
Office: C263A
E-mail: ni5512la-s [at]

Patrick Flatt
Project titel: AlP sacrificial layer investigation for GaP NW growth
Supervisor: Magnus Borgström
Office: C263A
E-mail: tna15pfl [at]