Solid State Physics

Lund University

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Undergraduate students

Oskar Boström
Project titel: Development of an Inductively-Coupled Plasma Etching Technique for Nanoimprint Si-masters
Supervisor: Ivan Maximov
Office: B120
E-mail: oskar.boström.951 [a]

David Dai
Project titel: Coulomb drag in nanowire-based thermocouples
Supervisor: Martin Leijnse /Martin Josefsson
Office: B120
E-mail: david.dai.444 [a]

Harald Havir
Project title: High-resolution F-based RIE of Si: exploring the limits
Supervisor: Ivan Maximov
Office: B120
E-mail: harald.havir.640[a]

Emil Johansson
Project titel: An artificial neural network approach to the N-Representability problem
Supervisor: Mats-Erik Pistol
Office: B120
E-mail: emil.johansson.073 [a]

Samareh Kordi Jazi
Project titel: Electro-Optical Characterization of InAsP/InAs Quantum Disc-in-Nanowire Heterostructure
Supervisor: Håkan Petterson / Mohammad Karimi
Office: B120 
E-mail: smareh.kordi_jazi.7474 [a]

Daniel Jaghobi Pourshalmani
Project Titel: Validation of micro-platelet LED for subcellular optogenetic activation in primary cell cultures
Supervisor: Magnus Borgström
Office: B120
E-mail: daniel.jaghobi_pourshalmani.692 [a]

Markus Snellman
Project titel: Transparent ITO Contacts of Photovoltaic Single Nanowire Devices
Supervisor: Heiner Linke
Office: B120
E-mail: markus.snellman.295 [a]

Robin Sjökvist
Project titel: Growth and characterisation of InAsSb(001) and GaAsSb(001) nanowires grown from Ag, AgAu and Au nanoparticles
Supervisor: Kimberly Dick Thelander
Office: B120
E-mail: robin.sjokvist.807 [a]

Felix Vennberg
Project titel: Spatial control of electron and hole states in broken band gap nanowire heterostructures
Supervisor: Claes Thelander
Office: B120
E-mail: felix.vennberg.915 [a]

Lukas Wendt
Project titel: Micro platelet LEDs for optogenetics
Supervisor: Olof Hultin
Office: B120
E-mail: lukas.wendt.181 [a]