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Maria Huffman

Laboratoriechef (Laboratory director)

Office: Q206; Phone: +46 (0)46 222 0691, +46 (0)722 276 950
E-mail: maria.huffman [at]

Laboratory Director of Lund Nano Lab. Responsible for day-to-day operations of the Lund Nano Lab, including safety, equipment and lab infrastructure service and maintenance, lab budget, and contacts with external customers.

Specific research interests include:
•         Plasma and wet etch
•         Ferroelectrics
•         Thin film deposition
•         Materials for solar applications
•         Materials characterization (both surface and bulk)

Maria Huffman received her PhD in solid state chemistry from Arizona State University in 1985, where she worked on the growth and in-depth characterization of CVD silicate dielectrics used in various semiconductor applications (in collaboration with Motorola, SPS). During the last 30 years, Maria has held a variety of both individual contributor and management positions in the semiconductor and solar industries mostly in the United States but also in Europe.  She has worked for several well-known semiconductor equipment manufacturers and is familiar with both Silicon and III-V wafer processing.  Her expertise is mostly on thin film (dielectric, metal and semiconductor) deposition, etch and characterization.  More recently, in 2011, she moved to Sweden to work for the solar start-up Sol Voltaics in Lund, being responsible for leading the  nanowire ink efforts.   In 2013-2015 Maria worked as a chemist/engineering consultant at CR Competence also located in Lund. Since January 2016, Maria supervises the daily lab activity and has responsibility of the main infrastructure of Lund Nano Lab.