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Hongqi Xu

Visiting Professor (Gästprofessor)

Office: H353; Phone: +46 (0)46 222 7759
E-mail: hongqi.xu [at]

Hongqi Xu's research group focuses on experimental and theoretical studies of the physics and application aspects of nanostructures and quantum devices made from semiconductor heterostructures and nanowires. The group also studies the electron transport physics of nanodevices made from graphene - a truly two-dimensional material system. Specific research topics include:

  • spin transport physics in semiconductor nanowires and heterostructures.
  • semiconductor quantum-dot-based spin qubits.
  • hybrid superconductor-semiconductor quantum systems.
  • semiconductor nanostructure-based spintronics devices.
  • ballistic electron transport and ballistic electronics.
  • physics of light-matter interactions and photonic nanostructures.
  • photovoltaic devices, photon detectors and light-emitting devices.

Prior to joining the Division of Solid State Physics at Lund University in 1993, Hongqi Xu was a Postdoctoral Fellow at Linköping University. He received his PhD in theoretical condensed matter physics at Lund University in 1991. While at the Division, he was appointed Assistant Professor in 1995, Associate Professor in 2001, and Professor in 2003. Hongxi u is currently visiting professor at Solid State Physics and Professor at the Department of Electronics, Peking University, China.

See Hongqi Xu's personal NanoLund web page for more details, group info, CV, and publications.