Solid State Physics

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B. Jonas Ohlsson

Adjunct Professor, Docent

Office: Q264a; Phone: +46 (0)46 222 3057
E-mail: jonas.ohlssonl [at]

Jonas Ohlsson holds an adjunct professorship, spending 40% of his time, at Solid State Physics. He leads efforts in nitride-based III-V materials and devices with a strong focus on epitaxial growth of nanowire-based materials and novel epitaxial regimes for 3D nanostructures, formation of low-dislocation nitride templates and substrates in GaN InGaN and AlGaN.  Specific Research projects include:

• NW-based GaN wafers for power and RF applications
• NW-based AlGaN templates for UV-LEDs and violet lasers
• NW based InGaN templates for Green and RED LEDs

Jonas holds classes in the graduate-level LTH-course “IP and Value Creation” and has also given a continuation-course “Innovation in Academic Research.”

Jonas is Director of IP and Innovation at Sol Voltaics AB and CTO of Hexagem AB. He is cofounder of QuNano AB, Glo AB and Hexagem AB. He has a background as Director of Epitaxy and Director of IP in QuNano AB and Glo AB. He finished his PhD in 2001, at Solid State Physics in Lund where he pioneered the first nanowire growth and was a part of the early group-project in nanowire quantum electronics devices.