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Doctoral studies

The Division faculty is very active in supervising and mentoring PhD students during their doctoral studies. Doctoral studies at the Faculty of Engineering can be performed in three ways:

  • as a doctoral student formally admitted to the doctoral education at the Faculty of Engineering.
  • as an exchange student as part of the doctoral education at the student's home university.
  • in a split-program where the doctoral student divides his/her time between the Faculty of Engineering and a partner university abroad.

Each of these routes are subject to different rules and procedures that are discussed on the Faculty of Engineering PhD Studies web pages. Unlike some doctoral study systems outside of Sweden, graduate students do not enrol onto PhD studies as a regular program of study, but rather apply for advertised positions first as they become available (like regular job postings) - see the vacant positions list for current advertisements.

For exchange students, or students that have been awarded a stipend that may be used for PhD studies abroad, and which are interested in undertaking PhD studies at the Division we recommend the following procedure before contacting the Division:

  • read our Research pages to learn about our activities.
  • identify research areas of interest and a potential faculty involved in those areas.
  • submit a cover letter, CV, transcripts and a list of references to the faculty in question.