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FFFN30/FYST15 - Semiconductor Physics

Lab sign-up

You can now sign up to labgroups in Live@lund on the page for the course which is FFFN30 for all students, regardless of whether you attend LTH or Natural sciences.

You need to pick 3 groups; one for each lab.

Chapters 1-3: Important concepts

Chapters 1 - 3 introduce concepts and ideas that we will use a lot from chapter 4 and onwards. Here is a list of some central concepts from Chapters 1-3 that you should pay attention to.

Info sept 4th

Problem set is uploaded (on the right).

There is a live@lund page for the course. Right now it is not visible to everybody. We won't upload material there or have lab sign-ups until everybody has access.

Course information 2018

The first lecture is on Tuesday the 4th of September at 13.15 in the Rydberg lecture Hall.

Lecturers and course coordinators Carina Fasth and Dan Hessman


The course book will be Semiconductor Devices: Physics and Technology, 3rd Edition, International student version, by Simon M. Sze, Ming-Kwei Lee. This book is generally expensive in online shops but can be bought at the campus bookstore KFS in Lund (

The 2nd edition may also be used with minor inconvenience. Most chapters are not significantly changed between the 2nd and 3rd edition.

We will also discuss a few pages on metal-semiconductor interfaces from a different book, Physics of semiconductor devices, 3rd edition, by Sze and Ng, which can be accessed through the Physics library as an e-book (link, will only work within LU!). Relevant pages are roughly 139-144.



Carina & Dan