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FFFA02 - Nanoscience and Nanotechnology - an introduction

This course offers an overview of the current research and applications in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology. It also gives an overview of the whole Engineering Nanoscience curriculum and will define and convey the "soul" of the program to the students.

Credits: 7.5 hp

Course coordinator: Christelle Prinz

Course schedule 2019-2020

Kick-off lecture: Monday 2rd September 2019 10-12 in room K404-Fysikum

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Info about oral exams-list of posters

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Lab Visits

Click here for more info about the lab visits 20/09-26/09.

Questions after lab visits.

Lecture Notes

Lecture notes from Monday, 2nd September.

Lecture notes from Thursday, 5th September.

Correction-exercises 5/09

Lecture notes from Monday, 9th September.

Correction-exercises 9/09

Lecture notes from Thursday 12th September.

Correction-Exercises 12/09

Lecture notes from Monday 16th September.

Lecture notes from Wednesday 18th September. Link to Quantum Bound States.

Correction-Exercises 16 & 18/09

Lecture notes from Monday 30th September.

Correction exercises 30/09

Lecture notes from Wednesday 2nd October.

Correction exercises 2/10

Lecture notes from Monday 7th October.


Lecture notes from Wednesday 9th October.

Correction-exercises 9/10