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FFF021 - Semiconductor Physics

problem set updated

In problem 35, there was a reference to use data from problem 31. It should however be to use data from problem 32 (at least if it is to match the answer given). Sorry.





Hand-in 2

I've looked at all the hand-ins I got up to and including Monday. I'll bring them to the exercise on Friday, but you could pick them up at my office (Carina) before or after that if you want to.

Short Channel MOSFET lab

Instructions updated at 10 am Monday 3rd of October

The instructions are now available.

MOSFET lab instructions + hand-ins

The MOSFET lab instructions are now available (right-hand column).

If you have trouble uderstanding the hand-in feedback or get stuck on the physics - ask questions!

How to hand in hand-ins

You can either e-mail them to Carina or put them in my (her) physical mail-box at FTF. This can be found on the first floor of the Q-buildning, in the corridor next to k-space. Or give them to Carina or Dan in person.

Lab instructions 'Bipolar Transistor'

The lab instructions are available under the heading "Labs" in the right-hand column. Please note that there are three short preparation questions. Also make sure to read relevant sections in the textbook and the bipolar handout (will be handed out Tuesday the 13th)!

Hint on problem 17

Problem 17 may be a bit difficult. Here is a hint on how to start with part 17a.

Lab sign-up doodles...

...were sent out today, Monday Sept 5th. E-mail us if you didn't get the mail with doodle links!

Problem set

Fri Sept 2nd: Updated the problems + answers. Hope they are correct now.

Course information 2016

The first lecture is on Tuesday the 30th of August at 13.15 in the Rydberg lecture Hall.

Lecturers and course coordinators Carina Fasth and Dan Hessman


The course book will be Semiconductor Devices: Physics and Technology, 3rd Edition, International student version, by Simon M. Sze, Ming-Kwei Lee. This book is generally expensive in online shops but can be bought at the campus bookstore KFS in Lund ( at a discounted price, estimated to be roughly 750 SEK.

The 2nd edition may also be used with minor inconvenience. Most chapters are not significantly changed between the 2nd and 3rd edition.

We will also discuss a few pages on metal-semiconductor interfaces from a different book, Physics of semiconductor devices, 3rd edition, by Sze and Ng, which can be accessed through the Physics library as an e-book (link, will only work within LU!). Relevant pages are roughly 139-144.



Carina & Dan