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FAFN15 - Crystal growth and semiconductor epitaxy

Crystal growth and semiconductor epitaxy (VT 2017)



Exam results March 16, 2017





Course coordinator: Jonas Johansson

Lecturer: Jonas Johansson

Exercise supervisor: Erik Mårtensson

Course credits: 7.5

Course book:

Epitaxy of semiconductors: Introduction to physical principles, Udo W. Pohl, Springer 2013

NOTE: The e-book is available on the library database through the link:


Introduction meeting: 17th of January 2017, 10:15, room H421, physics department

It is important that you hand in the assignments in time. If they are handed in too late I will not consider them. The deadline of all home assignments is mentioned in each exercise-set.


Suggested Reading Schedule

Lecture 1, 2 and 3: Introduction to epitaxy and structural properties of heterostructures

Chapter 1 and 2 except for sections: 2.1.8, 2.2.8 and 2.4 (2.4.1 to 2.4.6)


Lecture 4, 5 and 6: Thermodynamics of growth

Whole chapter 4 to be read.

Lecture 7 and 8: Kinetics of growth

Whole chapter 5 to be read.

Lecture 9 and 10: Doping and diffusion

Chapter 6 except for sections: 6.1.7, 6.2.4 - 6.3.4

Lecture 11 and 12: Methods of epitaxy

 Whole chapter 7 to be read.


Course schedule

Event day date time place content
Lecture 1TueJan 1710-12H421Lecture notes 1
Lecture 2ThuJan 1910-12RydbergLecture notes (2)
Seminar 1FriJan 208-10H322Exercise 1
Deadline: Jan 27, 10:00
Solutions 1
Lecture 3TueJan 2410-12H322 Lecture notes (3)
Lecture 4ThuJan 2610-12H421Lecture notes (4)
Seminar 2FriJan 278-10H322Exercise 2
Deadline: Feb 3, 10:00
Solutions 2
Lecture 5TueJan 3110-12H421Lecture notes (5)
Lecture 6ThuFeb 210-12H421Lecture notes (6)
Seminar 3FriFeb 38-10H322Exercise 3
Deadline: Feb 10, 10:00
Solutions 3
Lecture 7TueFeb 710-12H421Lecture notes (7)
Lecture 8ThuFeb 910-12H421Lecture notes (8)
 Seminar 4FriFeb 108-10H322Exercise 4
Deadline: Feb 17, 10:00
Solutions 4
Lecture 9TueFeb 1410-12H421Lecture notes (9)
Lecture 10ThuFeb 1610-12H421Lecture notes (10)
 Seminar 5FriFeb 178-10H322Exercise 5
Deadline: Feb 24, 10:00
Solutions 5
Lecture 11TueFeb 2110-12H421Lecture notes (11 & 12)
Lecture 12ThuFeb 2310-12H421
Seminar 6FriFeb 248-10H322Exercise 6
Deadline: Mar 3, 10:00
Solutions 6
SummaryTueFeb 2810-12H421

A summary of the course 

will be given and earlier Exam

will be solved.

ExtraThuMar 210-12H421Questions and answers
ExtraFriMar 38-10H421Questions and answers
Written examThuMar 168-13H421

 A sheet of equatoins

*This will be handed out at the exam