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Solid State Physics – the cradle of nanomaterials research at Lund University – celebrated its 50th anniversary on June 3rd. Celebrations included lab visits, speeches and cake together with past and present employees and friends...[more]


An article published in Nature March 17 2016 by researchers at NanoLund (and SOlid State Physics), University of Cambridge and IBM Research shows how different arrangements of atoms can be combined into nanowires as they grow....[more]


A team including Solid State Physics researchers report that a computer consisting of a network of nanofabricated channels that are explored by protein filaments propelled by molecular motors correctly found all possible...[more]


On Friday May 13th 2016 at 09:30, Masoomeh Ghasemi will defend her thesis: "Thermodynamic modeling of materials systems for nanowires: CALPHAD, DFT and experiments" in Rydbergsalen at the Department of Physics. The...[more]


On Friday April 29th 2016 at 09:30, Kilian Mergenthaler will defend his thesis: "Photon Upconversion in Heavily Doped Semiconductors" in Rydbergsalen at the Department of Physics. The opponent will be Professor...[more]

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