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On Friday March 16th 2018 at 09:15, Gaute Otnes will defend his thesis: " III-V Nanowire Solar Cells: Growth and Characterization" in Rydbergsalen at the Department of Physics. Faculty opponent will be Dr Sarah Kurz,...[more]


Professor Kimberly Dick Thelander from the Solid State Physics has been awarded the 2018 Edlund Prize and the Lindbomska award from the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, for her cutting ­edge research on new...[more]


A group of researchers based at Solid State Physics recently reported on the first nanowire photodetector sensitive to long-wavelength infrared radiation. The infrared response from 3 to 20 μm is enabled by intersubband...[more]


On Friday Febuary 9th 2018 at 09:30, Zhen Li will defend her thesis: " Mechanosensing Using GaInP Nanowires" in Rydbergsalen at the Department of Physics. The opponent will be Professor Monica Cotta from University of...[more]


Lund Nano Lab is one of the six laboratories at the Faculty of Engineering (LTH), which is part of LTH’s Open Door project. The LTH Open Door initiative, officially inagurated on January 18, 2018, aims at providing access to...[more]

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