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On Friday June 5th 2015 at 09:30, Gustav Nylund will defend his thesis: "Studies of Nanowire Devices Enabled by Advanced Nanofabrication" in Rydbergsalen at the Department of Physics. The opponent will be...[more]


On Friday May 29th 2015 at 09:30, Daniel Jacobsson will defend his thesis: "Crystal Structure in GaAs Nanowires: Growth and Characterization" in Rydbergsalen at the Department of Physics. The...[more]


Researchers from Solid State Physics at Lund University in Sweden are the first to have succeeded in producing semiconducting nanowires in which they can controllably produce exactly one “polytype” nanodot. Polytype nanodots are...[more]


March 5th the Vice-Chancellor appointed Kimberly Dick Thelander Professor in Materials Science with specialization in crystal growth. She is the first female professor at the division of Solid State Physics and presently the...[more]


Application possibilities for nanowires attracts media attention from the Swedish news site "Ny Teknik" which has just published an interview with Lars Samuelson (in Swedish).[more]

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