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NanoLund scientist Martin Hjort from SOlid State Physics is one of the 2017 Cozzarelli Prize Recipients in the category Engineering and Applied Sciences. The annual award acknowledges papers that reflect scientific...[more]


On Friday 08 June at 13:15, Xulu Zeng will defend his thesis. Title: InP/GaInP Nanowires for Tandem Junction Solar Cells - Growth, Processing and Characterization. Faculty opponent: Dr. Kirsten Moselund, IBM Research GmbH,...[more]


On Monday June 4, 2018, at 09:15, Regina Schmitt will defend her thesis entitled: ”Feedback in Small Systems – A Stochastic Thermodynamic Perspective”. The opponent is Prof. Christian van den Broeck, University of...[more]


On Friday 08 June at 09:15 Malin Nilsson will present her PhD thesis "Charge and Spin Transport in Parallel-Coupled Quantum Dots in Nanowires".Faculty opponent: Assoc. Prof. Stefano Roddaro, NEST, Pisa, Italy[more]


On 18th May at 9:15 in lecture hall Rydbergsalen, Olof Hultin will publicly defend her doctoral thesis. Title: “Nanostructures for Optoelectronics - Device Fabrication and Characterization”Faculty opponent: Dr. Walter Riess,...[more]

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