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On August 12-16 researchers from nmC@LU participated in a Nobel Symposium on Nanoscale Energy Converters at Örenäs Castle. 20 excellent invited speakers inspired and shared ideas with fellow researchers. The objective was to gain...[more]


On June 19th Magnus Borgström was appointed Associate Professor (Lektor) by the dean of the Faculty of Engineering (LTH).[more]


The Crafoord Foundation recently announced their awarded research grants for spring 2012. From Solid State Physics, SEK 200000 was awarded to Christelle Prinz and SEK 250000 to Jonas Tegenfeldt. More information can be found here.[more]


In the recent issue of LTH Nytt (the Faculty of Engineering magazine) there is an article from a students perspective on the Engineering Nanoscience program. The article is in Swedish.[more]


The Nanomedicine Partnering Mission to two of the most interesting nanomedicine clusters in the US, Raleigh-Durham, NC and Boston MA, had participation of researchers from nmC@LU and Solid State Physics. LTH nytt (the Faculty of...[more]

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