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On November 14th Head of Solid State Physics Heiner Linke gave a talk at TEDxLund on: Nanoscience: Cleaner, Smarter Energy. To see the 16 minute talk on Youtube click here.[more]


In the latest round of the Swedish Research Council´s call for proposals within natural and engineering sciences four Solid State Physics researchers have been successful in gaining support. On November 1st 2012 it was...[more]


In a recent Nature Nanotechnology paper by Storm et al Solid State Physics researchers demonstrate Hall measurements on a single InP nanowire. This leap forward for nanowire characterization is promising for nanowire-based solid...[more]


During spring 2012, Philips Research , together with the Harryson Consulting Group, announced an international innovation competition with the purpose of finding new materials for a  detector for a medical technique...[more]


On Wednesday August 29th 2012 at 13:15, David Lindgren wil defend his Licentiate thesis: "Optical Characterization of InP naowires with InAs radial heterostructures" in k-space (Q179)at the Department of...[more]

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