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Quantum dot heat engine works without moving parts


A recent article in Nature Nanotechnology by researchers from Solid State Physics show that a quantum dot-based heat engine can convert heat into work with an efficiency similar to that of similar machines with moving parts. As quantum dot-based engine has no moving parts it may be useful in applications such as nanotechnology and remote sensing. To Chemistry World, Heiner Linke explains: We have shown that we can get close to the same thermodynamic efficiency limits as any other heat engine."

Read the article "A quantum-dot heat engine operating close to the thermodynamic efficiency limits" by Martin Josefsson, Artis Svilans, Adam M. Burke, Eric A. Hoffmann, Sofia Fahlvik, Claes Thelander, Martin Leijnse & Heiner Linke in Nature Nanotechnology (2018) DOI: 10.1038/s41565-018-0200-5 or read more in Chemistry World (in English) or in Wissenschaft Aktuell (in German).

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