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Mobile phone microscope for diagnostics


The Swedish Research Council has decided to support a project lead by Jonas Tegenfeldt on diagnosing disease such as sleeping sickness and malaria in remote locations with the help of a nanotechnology based device coupled to a mobile phone camera.

The method will enable quick and precise diagnosis with very minuscule amounts of sample and will first be tested in Ghana and Tanzania. A bonus is that transport of samples or patients to the hospital will not be necessary.

A sample will be injected into a device with nanochannel design that folds genomic DNA into a systematic back-and-forth meandering path leading the DNA to reveal its barcode pattern. The device can then be plugged into the mobile phone camera to visualize the pattern and SMS the pattern to the clinic for diagnostics. The microscope technique is developed by professor Aydogan Ozcan at UCLA while the DNA analysis device is developed in Lund.

Read more about the Technique in a study done by C. Freitag, C. Noble, J. Fritzsche, F. Persson, M. Reiter-Schad,   A. N. Nilsson, A. Granéli, T. Ambjörnsson, K. U. Mir, and   J. O. Tegenfeldt in the article "Visualizing the entire DNA from a chromosome in a single frame" in Biomicrofluidics through

More information can be found in the press release from Lund University (in Swedish) or on the following sites: Ny teknik (in Swedish), Vårdfokus (in Swedish), Evertiq (in Swedish).

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