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Lars Samuelson is the recipient of the 2013 IUVSTA prize of Science which is awarded every three years to recognize and encourage outstanding internationally-acclaimed research in the fields of interest to the IUVSTA. The...[more]


On Friday April 19th 2013 at 13:15, Kristian Storm will defend his thesis: "Novel Processing and Electrical Characterization of Nanowires" in Lecture hall A of the Department of Physics. The opponent will be...[more]


Lund based Sol Voltaics recently won the regional final to enter straight into the 33-list. The Nanometer Structure Consortium spin out company utilizes nanowires to increase the efficiency of solar panels by 25%, making solar...[more]


On Friday February 15th 2013 at 14:00, Karla Hillerich defended her thesis: "Influence of Seed Particle Material, Preparation, and dynamics on Nanowore Growth" in Rydbergsalen of the Department of Physics. The opponent...[more]


The project “Nanowirebased solar cells for realization of cheap, renewable energy” was recently funded by the Swedish Energy Agency with 9 million SEK over four years. The aim of the project is to develop high efficiency solar...[more]


In the latest issue of Science issued today, nmC@LU researchers and colleagues from the AMON-RA project show for the first time that nanowire solar cells may be a real player on the green energy market. They demonstrate 13.8%...[more]


On Friday January 18th 2013 at 10:15, Jesper Wallentin will defend his thesis: "Doping of semiconductor nanowires" in Sal B of the Department of Physics. The opponent will be professor Yi Cui from Stanford University.[more]


This morning Swedish science radio had a radio feature on LED-lamp efficiency and how nanotechnology may help to increase color rendering and doubling efficiency in LEDs. nmC@LU co-director Lars Samuelson was interviewed for this...[more]


Dr. Frances M Ross is one of three newly appointed honorary doctors by Lund University’s Faculty of Engineering. She works at the Nanoscale Materials Analysis Department at IBM T.J. Watson Research Center in New York and has...[more]


Kimberly Dick Thelander, at the Nanometer Structure Consortium, is among the first Wallenberg Academy Fellows. 25 young researchers have been selected to receive funding from the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation, enabling...[more]


In the latest issue of Nature issued today, nmC@LU researchers present a new way of manufacturing nanowires – aerotaxy – which is 20-1000 times faster than conventional epitaxy while maintaining ability to control growth by...[more]


On November 14th Head of Solid State Physics Heiner Linke gave a talk at TEDxLund on: Nanoscience: Cleaner, Smarter Energy. To see the 16 minute talk on Youtube click here.[more]


In the latest round of the Swedish Research Council´s call for proposals within natural and engineering sciences four Solid State Physics researchers have been successful in gaining support. On November 1st 2012 it was...[more]


In a recent Nature Nanotechnology paper by Storm et al Solid State Physics researchers demonstrate Hall measurements on a single InP nanowire. This leap forward for nanowire characterization is promising for nanowire-based solid...[more]


During spring 2012, Philips Research , together with the Harryson Consulting Group, announced an international innovation competition with the purpose of finding new materials for a  detector for a medical technique...[more]


On Wednesday August 29th 2012 at 13:15, David Lindgren wil defend his Licentiate thesis: "Optical Characterization of InP naowires with InAs radial heterostructures" in k-space (Q179)at the Department of...[more]


On August 12-16 researchers from nmC@LU participated in a Nobel Symposium on Nanoscale Energy Converters at Örenäs Castle. 20 excellent invited speakers inspired and shared ideas with fellow researchers. The objective was to gain...[more]


On June 19th Magnus Borgström was appointed Associate Professor (Lektor) by the dean of the Faculty of Engineering (LTH).[more]


The Crafoord Foundation recently announced their awarded research grants for spring 2012. From Solid State Physics, SEK 200000 was awarded to Christelle Prinz and SEK 250000 to Jonas Tegenfeldt. More information can be found here.[more]


In the recent issue of LTH Nytt (the Faculty of Engineering magazine) there is an article from a students perspective on the Engineering Nanoscience program. The article is in Swedish.[more]

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