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On Friday June 3rd at 09:00 Neimantas Vainorius will defend his thesis: " Optical Studies of Polytypism in GaAs Nanowires " in Rydbergsalen at the Department of Physics. Faculty opponent will be Professor Gerhard...[more]


On Friday 28th April at 9:15 Karl Adolfsson will defend his thesis, entitled ”GaP and GaInP Nanowires as Model Particles for in Vivo Fiber Toxicity Studies” Faculty opponent is Professor Ulla Vogel, Det Nationale Forskningscenter...[more]


Today’s computers use vast amounts of electric power – so much so that the inability to cool the processors actually hampers the development of more powerful computers. In addition, they cannot do two things at the same time,...[more]


Researchers of Solid State Physics, in collaboration with the group of Stefan Hell at the Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry in Göttingen, have published an article in Nano Letters showing that nanowires can be imaged...[more]


The Swedish Research Council has decided to support a project lead by Jonas Tegenfeldt on diagnosing disease such as sleeping sickness and malaria in remote locations with the help of a nanotechnology based device coupled to a...[more]


Lund Nano Lab and NanoLund proudly present the new, interactive 3D tour of Lund Nano Lab which is organisationally part of Solid State Physics. Walk around in the clean room facilities from your desk and get an overview of the...[more]


On Friday November 18th 2016 at 13:00, Vishal Jain will defend his thesis: "III-V Nanowire-based Infrared Photodetectors: Design, Fabrication and Characterization" in Rydbergsalen at the Department of Physics. The...[more]


On Friday October 14th 2016 at 09:30, Alexander Berg will defend his thesis: "Nanowire Growth and Characterization in the AlGaInP Material System" in Rydbergsalen at the Department of Physics. The opponent will...[more]


Kimberly Dick Thelander was awarded a Young Scientist Prize in Semiconductor Physics by IUPAP at ICPS2016 on Friday August 5th, 2016. Kimberly also presented a prize lecture on “Design of advanced one-dimensional...[more]


The front cover of the April 28th issue of Analytical Methods is decorated by a picture from an article by researchers from Solid State Physics reporting a new simple design for for enrichment of blod parasites from a sample of...[more]


PhD student Damiano Verardo from Solid State Physics, together with his collaborator Chapin Korosec from Simon Fraser University, won the Biophysical Journal’s award for best poster at the Biophysical Society Thematic Meeting...[more]


Solid State Physics – the cradle of nanomaterials research at Lund University – celebrated its 50th anniversary on June 3rd. Celebrations included lab visits, speeches and cake together with past and present employees and friends...[more]


An article published in Nature March 17 2016 by researchers at NanoLund (and SOlid State Physics), University of Cambridge and IBM Research shows how different arrangements of atoms can be combined into nanowires as they grow....[more]


A team including Solid State Physics researchers report that a computer consisting of a network of nanofabricated channels that are explored by protein filaments propelled by molecular motors correctly found all possible...[more]


On Friday May 13th 2016 at 09:30, Masoomeh Ghasemi will defend her thesis: "Thermodynamic modeling of materials systems for nanowires: CALPHAD, DFT and experiments" in Rydbergsalen at the Department of Physics. The...[more]


On Friday April 29th 2016 at 09:30, Kilian Mergenthaler will defend his thesis: "Photon Upconversion in Heavily Doped Semiconductors" in Rydbergsalen at the Department of Physics. The opponent will be Professor...[more]


February 18th the Vice-Chancellor appointed Magnus Borgström Professor in Materials Science with specialization in epitaxy. Read more about Magnus on his homepage.[more]


Christelle Prinz has been granted an ERC Consolidator grant of 2.62 M Euro for 5 years. The amount includes funds for acquiring a STED microscope. The project named NanoPokers aims at studying cell heterogeneity in tumours...[more]


On Friday November 20th 2015 at 09:30, Magnus Heurlin will defend his thesis: "Growth of Semiconductor Nanowires for Solar Cell Applications" in Rydbergsalen at the Department of Physics. The opponent will be Professor...[more]


The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research just announced the 15 recipients of the grants in a national call for proposals directed towards research infrastructure that meet the highest international scientific...[more]

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