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Media Gallery

A selection of images describing the research and research environment at the Division. Please note that all material on these web pages may not be used without prior permission from the Division of Solid State Physics/Nanometer Structure Consortium and/or the owners of the respective images. Contact the page manager for further information. 

Electron-beam lithography patterning. Image courtesy of M. Deng.
Lund Nano Lab. Image courtesy of I. Maximov.
Nanowires in Drosophila hindgut. Image courtesy of K. Adolfsson.
SEM picture of young retinal cells cultured on a Gallium Phosphide nanowires subtrate. Image courtesy of G. Piret.
UVL lab at Lund Nano Lab. Image courtesy of I. Maximov.
A rare event: a theorist in the clean-room! Image courtesy of I. Maximov.
Nano forest. Image courtesy of D. Jacobsson.
Epitaxially-grown InAs nanowires. Image courtesy of P. Wu.
Nanotube dissection. Image courtesy of C. Thelander.
Coulomb diamonds. Image courtesy of G.Y. Huang.
Kilian in the optics lab. Image courtesy of M.E. Pistol.
Sorting of bacteria from red blood cells. Image courtesy of M. Björnmalm.
Nanowires grown under different conditions. Image courtesy of Kimberly Dick Thelander, Maria Messing, Martin Ek.
Nanowire arrays with different periodicity, affecting their optical response. Image courtesy of P. Wu.