Solid State Physics

Lund University

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Key dates and events

  • 1965     The Division of Solid State Physics is founded with Hermann Grimmeiss appointed as Professor of Solid State Physics.

  • 1977     The ’Lund’ International Conference on Deep Level Impurities in Semiconductors is born, and organized by Grimmeiss.

  • 1984     Berzelius laboratory is inaugurated.

  • 1986     The 18th International Conference on the Physics of Semiconductors – ICPS – is organized by the Division in Stockholm.

  • 1988     A second professorship, in Semiconductor Electronics, is created at the Division, with Lars Samuelson as the appointee.

  • 1990     The Nanometer Structure Consortium (NmC) is founded by Lars Samuelson based on grants from NUTEK and NFR.

  • 1993     The Division organizes the 5th European Workshop on MOVPE and Related Growth Techniques - EWMOVPE-5 in Malmö.

  • 1996     Grimmeiss retires. Pär Omling is appointed Professor of Solid State Physics.

  • 2001     Omling is appointed General Director of the Swedish Research Council (VR). Samuelson takes over the duties of Head of Division in parallel to his duties as Scientific Director of the Nanometer Structure Consortium.
  • 2002     The Division organizes the 7th International Conference on Nanometer-Scale Science and Technology – NANO-7 – in Malmö.

  • 2003     The Engineering Nanoscience program is launched.

  • 2007     Lund Nano Lab is inaugurated.

  • 2009     The Swedish government awards Lund University 715 million Swedish krona in strategic research funding to lead and develop world-leading research in nine different areas over a period of five years. The Nanometer Structure Consortium is one of the nine research environments/projects to receive the funding.

  • 2010     Heiner Linke (re)joins the Division and takes over the position of Head.